The Moon is a virtual community

THEMOON is a virtual community combining great design, gaming technology and an e-commerce solution in a biophilic design environment.

Enabling presentation of self via a personal space called Hytte, and a personal Avatar. THEMOON represents a digital mirror of the physical world, all in an engaging environment.

Via wearables, sound and personal content people, brands and artists can express who they are.

The Obsess survey found that nearly 75% of Gen Z shoppers have purchased a digital item
within a videogame and that 60% of these young shoppers think that brands should sell their
products on metaverse platforms. Through THEMOON, brands and artists are offered a plug and
play access to the metaverse. An e-commerce solution support transactions on the platform, and
the digital community is built on Unity.

THEMOON platform is accessible in-app and through browser, and it represents a digital mirror
of the physical world, and all community members are encouraged to engage in this better
space. Mobile first is a key principle at THEMOON.

THEMOON is Metaverse Commerce, what used to be referred to as a marketplace. If you
are curious about THEMOON or metaverse, please contact us at hello@themoon.com

THEMOON will launch in Sweden Q1 2023.



THEMOON’s mission in metaverse commerce is to introduce scarce brands to new markets, showcasing both established and emerging brands from all around the world, including brands
from diverse aesthetics to the high-end retail industry.

With a selective brand collection with more focus on scarce and young brands, THEMOON can prove difference from other, major marketplaces meanwhile holding onto some well-known and established brands for balance. This is not just the destination for experiencing and purchasing unique art and fashion, but also a major source of inspiration.


At THEMOON the avatar can mirror the physical self or represent a person of choice.

The individual is the sole owner of their avatar. With the avatar they can maneuver THEMOON community – to meet and socialize with others.

To emphasize the personality of choice, wearables has a natural place at THEMOON. Physically or digitally.

Innovative brands and artists will be invited to take part of THEMOON community.


THEMOON Hytte is a personal space where people are encouraged to express who they are
through preferences, pictures, videos, favorite brands, music and more.

Hytte is the space for gathering friends, announce thoughts and in other ways showcase the you. Privacy-level is set by the individual. Be independent with access to and control over back-end data. This is your ride, THEMOON only provides the platform.

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