How can brands create new and worthy user experiences, meanwhile keeping onto their human-centered, natural and intuitive perspectives? Create community, not just content. Open and shared through decentralization, experience a sense of immersion, unity and real time multi-interactivity in a growing community.

Mission to introduce scarce brands to new markets

THEMOON as metaverse commerce (marketplace) has a mission to introduce scarce brands to new markets, showcasing both established and emerging brands from all around the world, including brands from diverse aesthetics to the high-end retail industry.

Focusing on scarce and young fashion brands

With a selective brand collection with focusing on scarce and young fashion brands, THEMOON can prove difference from other, major marketplaces meanwhile holding onto some well-known and established brands for balance.

THEMOON is not just the destination for experiencing and purchasing unique art and fashion, but also a major source of inspiration.

What THEMOON can cooperate with:

THEMOON offers flexible plans with smooth and easy onboarding.

What would your ideal retail-experience look like? Are you a fashion brand and you have more ideas on how to work with THEMOON?  

We are glad to hear from you at  hello@themoon.com

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