Themoon is creating the worlds largest social shopping destination.

THEMOON is a brand oriented shopping destination.

 By integrating your existing e-commerce solution to our virtual and social environment, we are able to swiftly widen your commercial reach. THEMOON designs each brand store in close cooperation with the brand. Making consumers meet you in new and exciting surroundings. Anywhere. Anytime.

At THEMOON humans are at focus. We shall greet people when they wake up reaching for their phone, during work hours, at night and before they go to bed. Age, gender, culture and other badges are of no relevance at THEMOON.

THEMOON is social across borders, and our task is to enable people to interact, share experiences, communicate and socialize. Regardless of geography or platform.

THEMOON moves unprejudiced into the future. Respect and love shall drive us to continuously seek solutions that improve social interaction and communication.

THEMOON will gather people in a diverse and exiting virtual community where everyone feels welcome.



Do you want your brand at TheMOON?